Why You Will Become Your Personal Definition of Successful

A Christian, Spiritual Evolutionary Perspective

Kimberly Kizer
3 min readAug 6, 2022


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Because you trust that all the answers you require to overcome the specific stage in your life will come to you when and as needed as you trust your own process of natural, spiritual growth and evolution.

Because you are not capable of giving up on yourself and your dream to help wake other people up into believing what is possible for them as well whilst working for yourself and having the life you actually crave for you and your and family.

Because you have deduced that your dream was hand gifted to you by God and that it is both your spiritual destiny and purpose to fulfill what he wants to experience through you, all of which you will have SO LONG, as you believe in who he is representing himself as THROUGH YOU.

Because you choose to continually motivate yourself through the insights he provides through his other children to you-to motivate you to continue to do YOUR work.

Because you believe that everything in life happens FOR you and not to you, to advance your consciousness and to allow and further you to fulfill your purpose and destiny.

Because you realize that life is all only a dream and in it, you can have, be and create literally anything you wish to experience.

Because you know that you create through thought. Because you BELIEVE AND ACT upon your intuitions and the desires of your heart.

Because you act in ways MOST true and natural for yourself….Because you care more about authenticity more than you do approval.

Because you realize that God makes good on the dreams he plants in his children’s hearts…that you did NOT come up with your dream on your own and so you realize that it must be divinely intended for you to fulfill. (ie: “God wants for me what I want for myself”.)

Because you know that living a life true to what he instilled in your life is THE ONLY way to live a life of fulfilled purpose, which is to come further into knowing oneself (ie: GOD), as we are ALL his experience.

Because life is invaluably precious and you are aware that if you don’t learn how and why you are…



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