Why You Need Purpose

The inherent value of defining your unique meaning

Kimberly Kizer
4 min readSep 11, 2022


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This is the truth

Until you seek your internal truth, the road will always seem turbulent with moments of success and massive setbacks repeatedly.

Until you at least begin on the journey of finding out who you actually were intended to become, you will always be approached with that quiet, unspoken inner wisdom, that inclinational whisper of a voice that lets you know that what you are presently doing, is not it…Call it what you will but you are a transcendental being and were put here to go on a mission to discover yourself, who you are in God, Who he is and then to help others to do the same.

Finding meaning in our day to day provides purpose for our lives. Taking daily action within our defined purpose furnishes us with a sense of identity, contribution and self worth.

Living a life of purpose gives you meaning, simplifies your life, focuses your energy, motivates you, makes you more resilient to obstacles, and prepares you for eternity.

A lack of purpose means a lack of goals. This means you are following no path towards a life you feel more genuine in. Living this way means that you have nowhere to go, no aim to strive for and are completely at the mercy of needing to work for the dreams of others. As such, you will find this route of your life to be absolutely torturous because you are not living a life authentic to your soul.

Setting a purpose for your life is vitally important! It means determining what matters to you. Studies have shown that having purpose leads to a longer, healthier and wealthier life.

Whether you came here in search of knowledge of who you are in the Lord or not, I can assure you that if it’s the latter, you are wasting your time and are destined to continued ‘lost -ness’.

Perhaps that sounds harsh, but there is no you-without their first being a foundation of God in your life.

You can’t truly start with yourself when you weren’t the one who created you…How in the world could you know??

…You may want to turn away from that if you will, but if so, you’re life will be no more than what you came here with.



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