Did You Know That You’ve Been Sleeping?

The Achievement of Spiritual Awareness

Kimberly Kizer
3 min readApr 29, 2022


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Here’s what I know from first hand experience about finding one’s own purpose.

The Mission- Coming to your own unique conclusion about what best reason you have been put on this earth for.

My Personal Ideas- A theory:

1.) You ARE purpose. You are it just by being in existence. Therefore- live out your life to do what makes you happy and brings you utmost fulfillment.

2.) Our purpose is to serve into one another. We are all one. A single consciousness (like atoms in the brain of God) dispersed through millions of experiences. We are inherently then derived and driven to serve into the lives of others from which we are naturally gifted at doing (everyone has a natural gift/s) and that of which we enjoy. (Usually we enjoy what we are naturally good at.) The end result is to display and teach into others through love, with the goal of universal understanding, that we are all one of God. God experiences himself through us in our doing so.

This is what *I personally am about-

I am here as a self proclaimed prophet of God to promote the message of the imperativeness of complete authenticity. Ie- Being you, displaying you, loving you, heeding what it means to be *you, serving through you (via your gifts and talents.)

I stand for following and trusting one’s own intuition, evolving yourself by working in and on your mind, body, and soul and tuning into a life by faithfully creating it in the ways that make you happy.

I want people to learn about their souls and how amazing and beautiful life becomes once they begin the journey of truly, deeply knowing and understanding / discovering more of themselves and who they can become.

The Conflict- It is easier for most people to prefer distraction over the difficulty in truly meeting themselves. An immense amount of patience, strength, and courage is required in the evolution mending process.

A Test-

Sit alone in a room with zero, absolutely zero distractions available. No phone, book, writing material, Tv, Nothing-Sit for 30 minutes with yourself for one week solid and listen to…



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